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Birkenhead and CSS Alabama history

Birkenhead - local history notes
Birkenhead - The Alabama built here - notorious Confederate raider
Nice Cartoon reflecting black/white relationships


Bridge - Chris Ryall bridge home page
Bridge - ParadoX advances of partner's ambiguous bid
Bridge - Cut and paste code to link to ParadoX advances
Bridge - Five card puppet Stayman - mainly over two no trump
Bridge - The one no trump complex
Bridge - Miscellaneous defences
Bridge - Defending a Multi two diamonds
Bridge - Defend using Multi approach against opponents' Multi 2 diamonds!
Bridge - Journalist leads

Bridge - UK Acol bidding

Bridge - Some Notes on UK Acol
Bridge - Acol - responding
Bridge - Acol - opener rebids
Bridge - Acol - the weak no trump
Bridge - Acol- traditional or Benjamin
Bridge - Acol - preempts
Bridge - Acol- slams
Bridge - Acol - competitive auctions
Bridge - Acol - UK playing methods
Bridge - Acol - partnership agreements

Bridge - Weak Two Archive

Bridge Weak Two Archive - main page
Bridge Weak Two Archive - constructive advances opposite standard methods
Bridge Weak Two Archive - the more Exotic Openings
Bridge Weak Two Archive - Banned Openings - so called Brown Sticker
Bridge Weak Two Archive - Brown Sticker regulations
Bridge Weak Two Archive - the Multi two diamonds
Bridge Weak Two Archive - Muiderberg twos
Bridge Weak Two Archive - Marvin French's twos
Bridge Weak Two Archive - Rough two diamonds
Bridge Weak Two Archive - When to preempt
Bridge Weak Two Archive - generic defences (includes brown sticker preempts)
Bridge Weak Two Archive - history of weak twos (unfinished)
Bridge - Weak Two - Assumed Fit
Bridge Weak Two Archive - Assumed Fit preempting on 4-4 shape
Bridge Weak Two Archive - Bjorn Ekren's original article in English
Bridge Weak Two Archive - Norwegian defences to Ekren 2 diamonds
Bridge Weak Two Archive - Frelling twos

Bridge Weak Two Archive - index of styles in the Archive
Bridge Weak Two Archive - Cut and paste code to link to the Archive

Bridge - Chris's personal choice of two level methods

Bridge - opening Two clubs as 'strong unbalanced' - paradox responses
Bridge - opening Two clubs - two no trump rebid as strong and three suited
Bridge - opening Two diamonds as 'Multi'
Bridge - opening Two hearts as 'weak -assumed fit both majors'
Bridge - opening Two spades as 'Muiderberg' - spades and a minor

Bridge - Debates from Usenet

Bridge - Defending a strong one club - a debate
Bridge - Why was Wilkosz banned? - a debate
Bridge - Five card puppet Stayman - a debate
Bridge - brown sticker conventions - a debate

Ryall Family History

Ryall family tree information

Deceased Friends

Arnold Machin stamp designer - an obituary
John Manning - comments on aspects of bridge - movements - statistics
Mike Roscoe - a valued colleague

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